Fuzzy Brown Dog by Nancy T. Whitesell published on Amazon 8-2-18!!


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Fuzzy Brown Dog is a wonderful story centered around the experiences, both professional and personal, of a young woman in her first year as a veterinary intern. This book is truly for animal lovers. I laughed, I cried, I felt happy, angry and sad at various points throughout the book.
I found myself laughing when Dr. Kate found poop in her smock pocket as a result of carrying a tiny frightened dog named Baby. I found myself crying with Mr. Emerson as he lost his dog Dizzy.
This is more than a book about veterinarians treating animals. It is a book about human beings with a love for animals using their skills and experiencing their human emotions as they care for our furry friends.
The book ends with the reader left wanting to know what happens to Dr. Kate both professionally and personally.
It is a great read! I am looking forward to the sequel.


This story is not only about veterinary medicine and animals but also of the maturing of a young woman. The minute you beginning reading, the story captivates you. The detailed descriptions of the characters and events makes you feel that you are living this experience with Dr. Kate and her associates. We can all appreciate the ups and downs in one's lives. The happy and sad parts of living. To incorporate the wonderful world of animals and their unconditional love just makes the read that much more enjoyable. I am going to share with all of my friends.


I couldn't wait to read the book as I'd heard so much positive about it. When I was finally able to read it, I could not stop! I loved the heartwarming as well as the heartbreaking stories. This is a real peek behind the scenes at a veterinary clinic. I also got insight into what goes on in veterinarian's minds - might make me a better client. There were laugh out loud moments, real tears fell in certain parts, and fingers crossed for the romance parts. There is also some mystery thrown in for good measure. I really hope this becomes a series - we are all in need of a new author to follow and from my perspective, this author is it! Plus I need to know what happens....and I'm not saying more as I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read it yet.




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FUZZY BROWN DOG  is available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback versions!  

It's Dr. Kate's first year in practice at a large veterinary hospital in Indiana. Maybe it would have gone better if her personal life weren't in shambles!


Nancy T. Whitesell, D.V.M. practiced small animal medicine for 35+ years in Indiana and New York. Her extraordinary mentors taught her to be tough enough to survive practice yet compassionate enough to do it right. Her rescue dog, Fuzzy Brown, taught her how to do it all with love, loyalty, and joy, even on the harshest days!


Fuzzy Brown Dog isn't a physical description, it's a declaration of attitude!